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Uncle Tom’s Cabin Download, Last Day Today!

Slavery…it is a word we hear frequently, but I am not sure we understand, truly, what it means to be owned by another human being.  Sure, the bible says that if we are in debt, we are a slave to whoever has lent to us, but we don’t take that seriously.  We are slaves to our jobs, slaves to anything we need to do.  We use the word frequently, but usually don’t contemplate what it would be like to be a slave.  I don’t think we ever can unless we are in slavery, but there are ways that we can empathize with what those who are in this world who are owned by others go through.  I believe it is very important for my children to understand that ALL people are important to YHVH and learn to contribute in whatever ways they can to make the lives of others better.  Last year we listened to Uncle Tom’s Cabin in audiobook form by Libravox.  It is masterfully read by a volunteer and there were many times in the van listening to it on our way to somewhere when everyone in the van needed to dry their eyes before getting out at our destination!

I know that one day, we will listen to them again and the younger children will truly hear the message at that point.  Sometimes things go over their heads and when they see/hear/read/learn it later again they truly understand it. 

As I was going through my emails today, I noticed that today is the last day to download a children’s version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Living Books Curriculum for free over at Currclick. 

I have also found another free downloadable book of Uncle Tom’s Cabin for Young People over at a