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Space Saving, Box Saving Puzzle Solution

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I headed to a nearby thrift shop so she could take her resume in and while there, I decided to check out the games, books and baby clothes sections, of course :) Well, the games section was an afterthought after I already had the rest of my stuff on the counter.  However, there was a gentleman who had less than me, so I offered to allow him to go first and while I was waiting, I took a quick trip over to the games. 

Among a couple of other things, I saw this lovely sea creature floor puzzle.  The box was torn, taped and bent, but “all pieces in box” was written on the top of the box, and for 75 cents, I figured I would take the gamble on it.  I love the large piece floor puzzles for littles!

So, first we put it together, we meaning, me mama, 2yog and 4yob :)   Teenaged sisters doing schoolwork look on, watching the fun and wishing they were still preschool rather than highschool LOL!

sea puzzle 6

Then, because the box was so badly mangled, I decided that I needed to put it in a ziploc bag.  This is not a new thing for our games and puzzles, they actually take up much less room when packaged in a bag rather than the box.  First, I got out big ziploc bag.  I buy the ones with the zipper tabs on them for anything the children are using to make them easier to open and close.

 sea puzzle 5

So, what I do is, cut the box top to fit into the bag, so the puzzle picture is showing through the bag.

sea puzzle 4 

I cut the picture from the top and also from the side in this case.

sea puzzle 3

Then, simply place the box tops and the puzzle pieces into the bag and viola!  All neat and tidy in a small, easy package.
 sea puzzle 2    

It saves a bit of room and is in a more streamlined package. 

sea puzzle 1

6 comments to Space Saving, Box Saving Puzzle Solution

  • Erin Hickey

    Beautiful puzzle! We do ziplocs too, then group
    into a basket :)

  • Lori-Dawn

    Yup we have many puzzles done this way too. I should convert to the easy zip ones though. My younger ones struggle with the kind I have as they have to be lined up “just so” in order to close…lol Never thought to do this with games though….hmmm

  • I used to have that kind too Lori-Dawn, but I found that the little people couldn’t close them, so I was constantly having to reorganize everything. So, now I have a special box of the ones with the plastic zipper that is only for this kind of stuff and they work great, even a two year old can do them up and undo them.

  • Mine do too Lori-Dawn. I used to use the regular ziplocs, but I found that because the little ones couldn’t do them back up that I would end up with a bunch of half full bags in a box of random stuff that I needed to reorganize frequently. Then, I discovered the zipper ones and even a two year old can do the bag back up now. They are quite a bit more expensive so they aren’t for “public” use, I have a special box just for applications like these.

    I can store about a dozen games in the same space as one box. I first did it about 10 years ago and I really haven’t missed the boxes!

  • The pictures of the sea animals on this puzzle are quite nice and the names of the animals are written right beside the animal! It was a great find!