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40 Bags in 40 Days and 21 Day Financial Fast

So, I am sitting here, nursing the wee little hobbit, as usual, and listening to Skillet ~ Rise…loud and listening to the giggling and talking of my teen daughters, the shushing of them by my teen son who is trying to read the latest ebook


and I am thinking about what I am going to be up to for the next little bit, aside from wrestling with the wee boy for the keyboard (like I am now doing LOL…ok, big sister gets him so I can write) and while I don’t have anything do to with the time of Lent, or the holiday of easter in any way, now is the time when other people are having the neatest ideas and challenges, like this 40 bags in 40 days challenge, so I thought maybe I would join in because we usually clean the whole house thoroughly before Passover anyways and I have started, but I will ignore the part about 40 days and make my challenge that I will give away or declutter 1 grocery bag, or Freecycle a larger item each day from between now and Passover and I will pretend I started on March 1st because…well…I did LOL!  I have 2 grocery bags of giveaway stuff in my car trunk and another 2 bags of paper clutter waiting beside my hubbies’ woodstove in his workshop waiting to heat up his workspace, so this is actually perfect timing. 

I am pretty good at decluttering, I have no attachment to stuff, so for the most part, we have things we use and that’s it, but I know that my attic has a few things in there that I could give away on Freecycle, maybe some crafting supplies that aren’t going to get used anytime soon.  So far, I have decluttered 2 bags of magazines and books, and then trashed 2 bags of paper clutter than never should have been printed out and put on my desk LOL!  My desk is only half cleared, so I will still be on that tomorrow. 

Also, my wonderful mailman dropped off a book yesterday that I am supposed to be reviewing.  It’s called The 21 Day Financial Fast and the challenge is to only buy what is necessary for 21 days.  That isn’t going to be very hard, we have some major bills coming up with our oldest son heading back to ALERT Academy to take Law Enforcement training, and our oldest daughter heading back to her favourite place on earth for 6 months, then the next 2 daughters going to a 6 week summer camp in the States in June…lets just say that a 21 day financial fast is going to be a forced thing for the next few months….lets call it a 90 day financial fast LOL! 

So, what are you doing for your spring cleaning/ Passover Preparation?

4 comments to 40 Bags in 40 Days and 21 Day Financial Fast

  • I’ve been having the same thoughts, although I have barely implemented it since I started out March with a cold that is making me miserable and cranky!

    I have 2 moves to make in the next 8 months and we will be living in an RV for 4 of those months.

    However – I have been eyeing projects and my desk is one. I did box up some cook books because I was there and had a box. I have put people on notice that “stuff” will be going.

    I will keep 40 bags in 40 days in mind. My mother was a “box a day” person, so I will probably follow tradition. lol

  • I had similar thoughts. I’m in declutter mode and getting rid of stuff before Passover cleaning will certainly help with that process. The week before Passover I go through every room in the house, one or two rooms a day, depending. Well, I guess I better make my plan.

  • Getting rid of stuff always helps me LOL! I always know when I get to the point that my desk becomes too stressful that I have kept way too much paper clutter. Paper clutter is my biggest issue, but I am not the only one who does it. All of the laptops are wirelessly connected to the printer, so I have 3 teen girls (well, mostly one in particular) who prints out recipes constantly LOL!

  • I don’t envy you Leanne! If you guys need a place to store your stuff while you are in the RV, you can use our attic.

    I do have a problem with cookbooks. I have no idea why, I don’t actually use most of them, never have…..but I might ;) One day I might want to make something from one of them. What I should do is get rid of most of them except for the only set I use, which is a collection that I bought from the Dollarama of all places! There are pictures of every recipe and the books are themed, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Thai, Desserts etc. There are about a dozen of them and I love them.